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Happy Faces Prudhoe (HFP) is an inclusive group providing social activities for children who have additional needs, along with their siblings.

HFP was established in 2017 to support local children who often find it difficult to integrate into ‘mainstream’ activities and clubs.

We became a registered charity on 31st January 2018 (charity number 1176920) and are managed by a Board of Trustees and Charity Members.

We now have four dedicated Youth Workers working alongside a dedicated team of young volunteers from local schools for our Youth Club sessions.


We ask parents/carers, who are able to do so, to contribute via a monthly standing order payment as this allows us to focus on the children when they arrive at the sessions. Details can be obtained from the Happy Faces team.

The contributions helps immensely towards the costs of materials, refreshments for the children and venue costs and is gratefully received.

If you have any questions or would like to join us on any of the sessions, please contact us.

Look out for new events on our website and our public Facebook page.

Up to date information can also be found on our private Facebook group – Happy Faces Parents and Carers.


Join us on Mondays

Join our Monday youth club from 6pm until 7pm (Juniors aged 8 to 12) or 7.15pm until 8.15pm (Seniors aged 12+) at the Family Hub, Broomhouse Lane, Prudhoe NE42 5FT (lane behind Adderlane First School).

Supervised session, Youth Worker led with Volunteer support.

Children who require 1:1 support may need to bring a supporting adult with them – but we ask parents that can leave their children to do so (as the kids have more fun that way and you get a break).

Youth Club

We run a regular Monday evening Youth Club, at The Family Hub on Broomhouse Ln, Prudhoe from 6pm until 7pm – Juniors and 7.15pm until 8.15pm – Seniors.  It is a chance for the children to participate in various fun games, crafts and cooking activities led by our Youth Workers, Alan, Hollie, Deborah and Harry, along with a dedicated group of young volunteers from local schools.

The average age of the children who attend our sessions is between 6 and 16 but if you have a child of a different age and think they would benefit from joining us, please contact us.

The Youth Club is on during term time (so long as we have sufficient adults to run the session safely. Up to date information on our sessions can always be found on our Private Facebook Group.

Happy Faces Youth Club is a not for profit Charity. As such we rely on charitable donations and parental contributions to run, however, we do keep our cost to parents at the absolute minimum.

We want our sessions to be as inclusive as possible, as such we ask parents and carers, who are able, to make a regular donation to support the ongoing activities of the club paid via Standing Order. A suggested donation of £5 per child per month would be welcomed. All funds raised goes towards paying for the session youth worker, materials, children refreshments and venue costs.

Our Upcoming Events & Activities

Every Monday

Youth club

We run two youth clubs on a Monday evening (term time only).

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Each Monday we run two youth clubs for our members.

6pm – 7pm is our Juniors group (8 – 12 years old).

7.15pm – 8.15pm is our Seniors group (12+).

The groups are a great opportunity to socialise, do craft or cooking acrtivities, get outside (weather permitting), play on our various electronic devices – or just relax with your friends (and friends you haven’t made yet).


Trips and Days out

Over the last few years we have run numerous trips and days out for our members.

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Over the last few years we have run numerous trips for our members and their families – all heavily subsidised through our fund raising.

Trips we have run include: Harry Potter Studios, Chester Zoo, Cadbury Land,  Blue Planet Aquarium, Flamingoland and Light Water Valley.


Let’s go bowling!

We arrange regular bowling night outs at the Wentworth, Hexham.

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We run regular nights out at Wentworth Bowling for our members and their families. 
The events are fully paid for by Happy Faces and it is a great opportunity for the Juniors and Seniors to get together and spend time with each other, and the families.


Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful

What are the session times?

Juniors session runs from 6pm to 7pm on a Monday evening.

Seniors Session runs from 7.15pm to 8.15pm on a Monday evening.

What are the age groups for each session?

Juniors session are for those members aged between 8 and 12 years old.

Seniors session are for those members aged over 12 years old.

Where are the sessions held?

The sessions are normally held in the Family Hub on Broomhouse Lane, Prudhoe (near Adderlane Primary School).

What trips do you run?

Over the last few years we have run numerous trips for our members and their families – all heavily subsidised through our fund raising.

Trips we have run include: Harry Potter Studios, Chester Zoo, Cadbury Land,  Blue Planet Aquarium, Flamingoland and Light Water Valley.

How much does it cost?

Happy Faces is heavily subsidised through fund raising.

For the Monday evening sessions we ask for a donation of £5 per month, per child if this is affordable, but any donation is welcome.

Bowling is normally paid for out of funds raised by the Happy Faces team,

Trips are priced on an individual basis – but are heavily subsidised by fund raising.


Whats been happening

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Welcome to the fresh look for the Happy faces Prudhoe website! Here at Happy Faces we try our best to run sessions that are as inclusive to as many people as possible. If you feel like you can't access our sessions please let us know so that we can try to do something...

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Location: Broomhouse Ln, Prudhoe NE42 5FT

Email: info@happyfaces-prudhoe.co.uk

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